CLIC Montérégie



Our training program responds to the needs of companies that want their employees to develop their knowledge of spoken French in the workplace. Our on-site or online classes are adapted to the level of each student so they may meet their personalized objectives.

In Québec and Ontario, there are grant programs covering the cost of language courses for workers, which are refunded by the local employment centre (Services Québec or Employment Ontario) in your region.


Our language program for professionals targets a clientele that needs to acquire language skills as part of their job, particularly in a specific field. French courses can be given in private or semi-private format.


These courses are intended for foreign workers in Québec. They will meet the language requirements they must achieve to reach the levels of proficiency (A1-A2-B1-B2) in order to better communicate in their daily life and in their immigration procedures.


We offer one-on-one courses in French to meet your specific objectives (grammar, syntax, verbs). We will create the customized program you need.


Do students need help with schoolwork or want to express themselves naturally in French? Language tutoring meets the requirements of academic programs. We will help them succeed in their language classes and build the confidence that will follow them throughout their lives.


CLIC Montérégie understands that each person is unique and that the need to acquire language skills depends largely on a number of social and cultural factors. Therefore, we are aware that good training starts with a fair and accurate assessment of one’s proficiency.


Level A :A1= Beginner 1 and 2
 A2 = Beginner 3 and 4
Level B :  B1= Intermediate 1 and 2
 B2= Intermediate 3 and 4
Level C :   C1= Advanced 1
 C2= Advanced 2

However, it is essential to formally assess the language skills of students. Through a Zmartest and an Evalang online evaluation, we will know your level of proficiency in French so we can prepare your personalized course plan and create groupings (in-company group training), if necessary.



Private formula for one student

  • The private formula allows you to evolve more quickly since your training is tailor-made. It allows you to follow you according to your speed of assimilation. The program is appropriate to your professional obligations and your availability.

  • The private formula is the ideal solution when you have little time to devote to your studies and want to be able to count on a flexible schedule.

  • Courses are given on-site or online (ZOOM).

Semi-private (employees of the same company)

  • Our semi-private courses (2 to 4 students per class) are offered in 45-hour semesters.

  • The composition of the teams depends on the students’ level of spoken language skills. It is therefore important to proceed with the language evaluation of all students targeted for language training before deciding on groupings. Our first concern is to promote the cohesiveness of the teams while respecting the language proficiency levels of the students.

  • If you choose a team composition of 5 or more students, we recommend a program of at least 60 hours.

  • Courses are given on-site or online (maximum of four people on ZOOM).

Group formula on Zoom

  • In order to make our French as a second/foreign language courses more affordable to individuals, we have created group lessons on Zoom for up to five people. These courses are offered on different days and times of the week and according to your level of knowledge.


Blended learning is a teaching formula that results from a combination of online training and face-to-face teaching sessions (in the workplace or on Zoom).

The use of information and communication technologies gives the student the opportunity to have full control over the time, place, means and speed of learning.

  • Asynchronized e-learning with our Edu-Performance teaching products according to the chosen language and your level of proficiency.
  • Microlearning with Gymglish: only 10 to 15 minutes a day are enough to do your language courses, short and customized.
  • And tutoring or conversation classes at work or on Zoom with a teacher from CLIC Montérégie.