CLIC Montérégie

The integration of non-French-speaking or foreign employees in Québec is based on their ability to communicate at work in the official language of the province: French. The practical difficulties encountered make it necessary to revisit the three dimensions of language: operational, intercultural, and critical.

In Québec, there are subsidy programs to pay for workers’ French as a foreign language courses, which are refunded up to 100% by the local centre (Services Québec) in your region.


Learning French in Québec has become essential for the integration of foreign or English Canadian employees who need French-language training. French as a foreign language programs have been set up and can be offered as part of the company’s continuing education program thanks to our CLIC language school.

The Solution: Par ICI Method

CLIC Montérégie uses a progressive learning approach to facilitate the acquisition of the French language in a quick and efficient manner through a learning process based on INTERACTION, where French is the language of COMMUNICATION. To do so, we adopt the action-oriented and progressive teaching method Par ICI, according to the international linguistic reference scale, which is based on four learning levels: Level A1 Beginner 1–2; Level A2 Beginner 3–4; Level B1 Intermediate 5–6 Level B2 Intermediate 7–8.

Evaluation grid


DELF and DALF are international diplomas valid for life that certify French language skills. They are designed by the Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) and are harmonized according to the 6 levels of the European Framework. From level B2, the learner who will have succeeded in his apprenticeship and who will be able to officially assess his skills in the French language, will be able to obtain a validation diploma of the internationally known linguistic level: the DELF-B2 from France Éducation that we can offer. CLIC Montérégie is a DELF-DALF examination center for francization on the South Shore of Montreal and offers preparation courses for DELF-DALF exams.